company philosophy

The idea of ​​establishing the Musterknaben eG was built on the various events of the World Year of Cooperatives 2012th

In the Musterknaben have come together under the tactful guidance of our board Sven Kaerkes and Carolin Poprawa a number of experts in the field house economic waste and energy management.

To develop the extraordinary technical know-how to harness for the housing industry, a concept beyond the pursuit of maximum shareholder value, that's the idea behind the foundation. To give the company the housing industry also possible, as a member himself of these opportunities to their advantage and to shape, that's the idea behind the cooperative.

As Musterknaben eG, a model for cooperative operating cost management we focus particularly on the three values: efficiency, transparency and competence.

Musterknaben are ambitious! We do not include less than the best. We bring our concept to our technical understanding and experience of over 20 years of flat economic waste and energy management. And we believe that we are good at what we do. Your trust is our reward!

our cooperative

In other sectors of the economy is just a rarity in the housing industry, the cooperative idea into a solid column.

We are the idea of ​​cooperative following the well-being of our members only obliged to comply with any return expectations of financial investors or corporate departments. Public has become target returns of 40% to inspire us to show that there is another way.

The Musterknaben are all open to housing associations - as future members or valuable customers. We offer larger companies as well as the opportunity cost of management in their business skills to increase as smaller companies the opportunity under the umbrella of the cooperative's own powerful concepts for their tenants and members to develop.

As a co-operative services, we are eager to share their contractors, but always also a partner at their side. As Musterknaben we are demanding individualists - as cooperators we are good team players. Therefore we have at our side a network of leading experts - whether in energy consulting, waste management or operation costs right. This quality ensures efficiency, good conditions and especially for good results.

As members, you have to take over the principle of democratic accountability at any time to even influence the shape of service provision, through the instrument of cooperative reimbursement, you have the guarantee to always have the most favorable contract terms and the income it is possible to sustainably to invest in your holdings.

Check quiet our own style. Because we want you to enjoy working with us. We want to introduce the notion Musterknaben not only in name, we want to be even Musterknaben!

Our achievements, we will let you measure!