energy data management "compact"

Just as you would expect a secure energy supply, you also need a secure billing of energy costs. With our wireless technology we have your energy data at a glance. Our systems report quickly through the central online monitoring devices to avoid problems, and so the need for uncertainty in estimates.

The statutory requirements, in particular the EU, will lead to increasing demands on the electrical bill. Energy data will be for the housing industry in the future worth and expensive. We make you and your tenants the energy consumption transparent with our data monitoring - so that in future you can always sleep in peace.

Art radio detection technique

Our detection systems are based on the latest wireless technology and not only offer your tenants the opportunity to spend their time to make more sense than waiting for a regular reading, but you as the owner of the option without additional investment further consumption and temperature parameters of your heating intrude.

Electronic data Interchange

We not only the radio heat cost allocators on the same wavelength. Through our efficient IT infrastructure, we can ensure a fast and efficient data exchange. Paper and hand cork this book, you can save with us however.

Fast fault management

If you know the difference between perceived and actual temperature, then you know: Intelligent surveillance technology is more reliable than a man annunciator. With us, you immediately know how many degrees does the water in the morning, whether below the pasteurisation temperature or even the heat in summer are full power. As fast as you want and where you want!

Energy coaching for technical managers

As a cooperative, we know - together we can achieve the highest benefits. Therefore, we offer our customers and members of our experienced energy consultants a regular energy coaching. Finally, there may not be enough paragon.

Highest quality billing by monitoring devices

Each line is only as good as the weakest link. Therefore we have with our AMR radio solutions capturing devices are currently in view, so that the data is not always perfect rule of thumb are calculated. Without consumption estimation and management intensive additional appointments.

Partial-Year consumption analysis

With our systems you are prepared for all eventualities of future European legislation. You want the consumption data once a month - no problem. A half-yearly information to the tenant in writing by letter or by energy energy portal? With us you are always up to date. With our property and we are looking for users of benchmarking your hidden champions in the energy sector.