energy efficiency management "comfort"

Increasingly determines the energy balance and the value of a property. Low energy consumption thanks to lower operating costs to improve the rentability of a property. Better energy characteristics also increase their valuation and hence the chances of marketing a property.

We offer our members and customers, therefore a comprehensive and far goes beyond the mere consumption detection services. Our energy management, we increase the energy efficiency of your plant equipment and additional loads on your investment budget by up to 40% and this is without loss of comfort for your tenants. Since you can not then feel right as a model child.

Identifying savings potential

Our goals are the three "V" 's: avoiding waste. We identify through our energy data monitoring the actual energy requirements in your property and customize the operation of your system to the needs on the ground. Here we analyze and optimize if needed, the hydraulic power structure in your residence.

Optimized management of and control

With our innovative system technology, we have the facilities of our members at all times firmly in view and under control. Missing or incorrect maintenance, we immediately recognize. Incorrect settings can be corrected by the central computer with a mouse click. So you can optimize costs and adjust your maintenance intervals on the functionality of your system.

Increased plant efficiency

We show the optimization potential to not only, but also take the same reaction in the hand. Outdated controls, uncontrolled pumps and valves, faulty mixer: we invest in order to save. Our procedures meet the requirements of DIN EN 15378 ("Heating systems in buildings - Inspection of boilers and heating systems"). Thus, we increase the efficiency of existing systems of our members and customers up to 40%.

Guaranteed reduction in consumption

With our model of energy efficiency contracting you are at the cost on the safe side. Our qualified energy analysis in conjunction with the correctly mixed optimization measures are guarantees for a reduction of energy consumption - we guarantee our customers then of course in our contracts.

Complete contract and termination management

With us, our customers and members manage your energy procurement effectively and seize the opportunities of a liberalized market. We offer the advantages of a cooperative as a strong community:

- Manage your contract and consumption data
- Focus energy quantities
- Support for tenders
- Examination of the supply contracts