waste management "comfort"

The individuality of the lifestyles is also reflected in the waste sector. The family of five, the single there to eat out the retired couple that home cooking and sometimes a longer journey preferred. Their waste and therefore beat their costs over a QM comb creates injustice.

Common to most people that they can make a special effort when it provides direct benefits for them. Our waste management "comfort" will provide such benefits to our customers and members. Through our innovative detection technology, it is possible to determine the amount of waste individually. This appeal to environmentally and cost close real behavior we achieve savings in garbage fees by up to 75%.

Our performance "comfort" package includes more than the basic package also includes the following Musterknaben services:

Innovative acquisition systems

The technology developed by our partners innovative technology to detect the amount of waste is already being tested thousands of times in the rain, cold and heat in the box. Our systems offer the opportunity to network with other access systems (door, garbage, garage) as well as with building management about the metering energy.

Integrated processes

Thus also in the management of the operating cost data everything is clean, we adapt our IT operations to meet your system needs. With our e-billing, you can integrate as invoice data accurately and effectively on your computer interfaces to your ERP system.

Intelligent financing systems

Intelligent service concepts need smart financing schemes. In our concepts, therefore the tenancy principle of sound is already taken into account the contractual models, eg when refinancing on performance contracting.

Effective contract management

We are committed as Musterknaben of the cooperative economic activities for our members and customers. Savings can not only be at the cost of waste, saving can be observed in the concluded service contracts we consider itself as a cooperative for our members, the contracts with other service providers to further hidden savings. Because efficiency is our mission.