waste management "compact"

Waste contains valuable resources. Who by separation of waste for use of these resources can contribute to save a lot of money. Who carelessly throws away the waste endangers not only an effective waste disposal and recycling, it imposes considerable costs on the community.

Our waste management we perform your property back on the path of the most ecologically sensible and economically advantageous disposal. Our waste management "compact" can save up to 50% of waste costs. A classic win-win situation for the environment and saves money for our customers and members. A concept of Musterknaben just!

Below only a selection from our catalog of services for peripheral cleanliness and cost:

Competent waste consulting

What? Where to? Why? - We want to reflect more deeply about garbage, because that is the first step to avoid it. Therefore, we help to ask questions and to answer: About our waste phone, via information booths at festivals or simply shared with our on-site consultation.

Optimized container management:

We bring your garbage disposal to the optimum point! Therefore the right ton at the right time in the right place - and of course only in the necessary number - our container management exact timing and so helps to save additional costs, eg for Transport Services.

Best cleaning services

The waste pitches are - often located at the entrance of the property - something like the business card of your property. We take care with our regular cleaning service and our integrated measures for odor control to ensure that no one outside your door must turn up their noses.

Principle of legal certainty

With us you are in questions relating to operating costs right in good hands. Our concepts are of the most prestigious operating costs lawyers examined the allocation ability. Therefore, we can assure you in our contracts and a comprehensive assessment warranty.